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The COR and HI Instruments for the Lagrange Mission

Jackie Davies - RAL Space

Session: Space Weather Instrumentation


Since the start of 2018, a number of European organizations (including academic and government institutes, and industry) have been participating in ESA-funded studies of a space weather-monitoring mission to the L5 point, currently scheduled for launch in 2027. The so-called Lagrange mission, planned to operate in conjunction with a US-led mission to the L1 point, is being developed under the auspices of ESA’s optional Space Situational Awareness (now Space Safety) programme. Studies have covered both system (spacecraft, ground segment) and payload elements, with the latter being separated into an in-situ package and remote-sensing instrument suite. The remote-sensing package includes a magnetograph, an EUV imager, a coronagraph and a heliospheric imager. This presentation will summarize the design/development status of the coronagraph and heliospheric imager instruments, having just completed a Bridging Phase after Phase A/B1 and prior to the start of Phase B2. We will focus on the optical, mechanical, thermal and electrical design - as well as the operations concept - of these two instruments that have been developed to meet the observational requirements and those of the mission.

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