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Frequency Considerations in GIC modelling

Larisa Trichtchenko - Natural Resources Canada, Canada

Ground-Level Geomagnetically Induced Currents


One of the most detrimental impacts of the space weather events on critical technology is the impact of the geomagnetic storms on operations of the electrical power grids, which can range from weak voltage fluctuations to major blackout and damage of the transformers.

Presented study is demonstrated the importance to consider  frequency resolution of the geophysical variables in order to properly evaluate the response of power system tom geomagnetic disturbances. Analysis includes geophysical observations and observations of the geomagnetically induced currents and variations of the harmonics in the transformer during several extreme space weather events of the solar cycle 23. The detailed effects of the frequency resolution are presented together with the estimates of the sufficient frequency resolution for the adequate GIC modelling.

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