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Analysis of the GIC impacts on the Spanish power grid by the inclusion of the 220 kV voltage level

Victoria Canillas - Observatori de l´Ebre - Ramón Llull University; Miquel Torta - Observatori de l´Ebre-CSIC, Spain; Santiago Marsal - Observatori de l´Ebre, Spain; Juan José Curto - Observatori de l´Ebre-CSIC, Spain

Ground-Level Geomagnetically Induced Currents


After the results obtained from the assessment of GIC in Spain by only including the 400 kV network, we now present the improvement achieved by adding the current flow in the entire 220 kV network. In the case of autotransformers and YY transformers, where the high and low voltage levels are joined, the model network requires an alternative treatment. Our solution consists in introducing two virtual nodes per substation (regardless of the number of transformers in it). By means of this solution, the transformer winding resistances of each node turn into three virtual lines per node, getting an equivalent circuit for each real node of the network. As a consequence of the use of an infinite earthing resistance for the virtual transformers of each node, the resulting matrix to be inverted to resolve the Lehtinen-Pirjola (LP) method is nearly singular. We present a modified version of the LP method that reduces the size of the matrix to be inverted and improves its conditioning. Finally, we compare the model predictions with the GIC measurements analysed in the neutral of a couple of transformers and with the real current flowing along several power lines, which we derive by performing differential magnetometer measurements.

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