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PECASUS - A Partnership Supporting Civil Aviation with Space Weather Advisories

Kirsti Kauristie - Finnish Meteorological Institute

Services to Aviation


The PECASUS (Partnership for Excellence in Civil Aviation Space weather User Services; initiative serves as one of the four global Space Weather centers that provide the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) with Advisories during strong solar storms. The partnership contains research groups from ten ICAO member countries: Finland, Belgium, UK, Germany, Poland, Italy, Austria, Cyprus, the Netherlands, and South Africa. The centers have been operational since November 2019. As solar activity has been rather low during the recent year, there has been no need to send any advisories according to ICAO specifications, which imply advisory issuances only during strong activity. Since late 2018 PECASUS has participated actively to the implementation phase of the ICAO services, which is a joint effort between the Space Weather information providers, ICAO MET Panel Expert Members and their Designated Advisors. As part of this activity the service providers have tested the ICAO dissemination network with some test advisories. In addition, the preparedness of the centers has been challenged by a couple of space weather events that have reached in their intensity almost the thresholds of advisory issuances. In the presentation we will discuss the lessons learnt by PECASUS during its first year of operations.

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