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Operations of space weather services at the Swedish Institute of Space Physics

Peter Wintoft - Swedish Institute of Space Physics; Magnus Wik - Swedish Institute of Space Physics, Sweden; Masatoshi Yamauchi - Swedish Institute of Space Physics, Sweden; Urban Brändström - Swedish Institute of Space Physics, Sweden; Juri Katkalov - Swedish Institute of Space Physics, Sweden

R2O and Development of Services


The Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF) operates a number of services that collect measurements, derive indices, and run forecasts. The services are part of our Regional Warning Centre (ISES) activities and our contribution to the Geomagnetic Expert Service Centre (G-ESC) within ESA/SSA. Currently IRF operates magnetometers in northern and southern Sweden with 1-second resolution, and all-sky cameras for northern Sweden, providing data for space weather services. Local magnetic K indices are derived at the two locations in real time and we plan to implement an auroral index using the all-sky data. We also provide real-time forecasts of geomagnetic indices Kp, Dst, and AE/AL/AU, and 30-minute maximum ground dB/dt over northern Europe. The prediction models have been running for many years and in many cases without any changes: the current versions of the Kp, Dst, and dB/dt models were implemented in 2017 and developed using ACE solar wind data up until 2015. This gives an interesting opportunity to test the models on new data from the DSCOVR spacecraft and analyse how they have performed in real time operation. We present various performance metrics and analyse the results.

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