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Ionosphere behavior during the Geomagnetic Storms over the different latitude Regions 

Bhupendra Malvi - Barkatullah University, Bhopal, India; Sharad C. Tripathi - VIT Bhopal University Kothri Kalan, India; P. K. Purohit - National Institute of Technical Teachers’ Training and Research, India

Session: QV - Thermosphere-Ionosphere Interactions and Effects


In the present study, we have done the investigation of the ionospheric perturbations during geomagnetic storms which are disturbed conditions in earth’s magnetic field. Geomagnetic storm leads to a number of disruptions in technological applications such as space vehicle operation, interrupt radio communication, and disrupt power grids. Quantitative analysis has been done in three different storm criteria, strong, weak and moderate ones and their response in ionosphere has been investigated over different latitude. Fair enough results have been witnessed in different longitudinal and latitudinal regions over the globe. An attempt has been made to find some qualitative and quantitative relationship between the storm and ionospheric perturbations with different latitudinal indices.


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