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Dynamic evolution of periodic magnetic helicity injection in 3-dimensional solar Active Regions

Marianna Korsos - Aberystwyth University, United Kingdom

Session: The solar sources of space weather


The evolution of magnetic helicity has a close relationship with solar eruptions and is of interest as predictive diagnostic. In this case study, we analyse the evolution of the normalised emergence, shearing and total magnetic helicity components in the case of flaring and non-flaring ARs. The evolution of the three magnetic helicity components is analysed with wavelet transforms, encompasses a vertical range from the photosphere up into the low corona. This present study reveals significant common periodicities of the normalised emergence, shearing and total helicity fluxes before an energetic flare. This case study suggests that the presence of significant periodicities in the power spectrum of magnetic helicity components could serve as a valuable precursor for flares.

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