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Developing the Met Office space weather operations-to-research (O2R) process

Suzy Bingham - Met Office; David Jackson - Met Office, UK; Edmund Henley - Met Office, UK; Mike Marsh - Met Office, UK; Siegfried Gonzi - Met Office, UK; Daniel Griffin - Met Office, UK; Richard Mace - Met Office, UK; Mark Seltzer - Met Office, UK; Krista Hammond - Met Office, UK; Simon Machin - Met Office, UK; Mark Gibbs - Met Office, UK

Session: QV - R20 and development of services


The Met Office Space Weather Operations Centre (MOSWOC) has provided a 24/7 service since 2014. Robust and reliable operational modelsdata and IT infrastructure are essential to monitor and forecast space weather, and for timely alerts and warningsSupporting MOSWOC are the Science Research Group and IT Team. An effective means of communication and knowledge sharing between MOSWOCsupporting groups and the research community is crucial to address issues and gaps in current operational capabilities and to enhance forecasting capabilities. 

Recent developments in the Met Office O2R process will be described. Our starting point is to adopt best practices from terrestrial O2R methods and then to adapt these for space weather.  This has led to the development of the Space Weather Issues and Reviews Log (SWIRL) process, which we will describe in detail. SWIRL is the regular recording and reviewing of MOSWOC feedback on models, data, IT and impacts. This central repository of feedback is primarily used to identify systematic model issues and recurring IT incidents. SWIRL will facilitate planning of improvements to current capabilities and will further develop our understanding of model characteristics. We will highlight some issues captured by the SWIRL process and outline planned future O2R developments. 

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