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Toward automatic identification of transient structures in the solar wind at 1 au 

Brenda Daniela Dorsch - DCAO-LAMP-UBA, Argentina; Noelia Santos - DCAO-LAMP-UBA, Argentina; Vanina Lanabere - UDCAO-LAMP-UBA, Argentina; Sergio Dasso - IAFE-DCAO-LAMP (UBA-CONICET), Argentina

Session: R20 and development of services


The characteristics of the solar wind at 1 au are vital to determine the level of solar-terrestrial coupling. In this report we present an analysis of the relation between solar wind and the geoeffective events of solar origin, in order to generate tools which let us identify such events operationally. Plasma and interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) data from the ACE (Advanced Composition Explorer) satellite, obtained from the beginning of 1998 to the middle of 2017, will be analyzed with particular focus on the behaviour of interplanetary coronal mass ejections (ICMES), identified in Richardson and Cane’s catalogue during the aforementioned period, in relation to  the solar wind temperature and Parker´s spiral, at the L1 libration point.

This study seeks to define a criterion to identify ICMEs, based on the combination of (1) the observed to expected proton temperature ratio (expected from the solar wind speed) and (2) the difference between the observed IMF direction and the expected one from assuming a Parker's spiral. Thus, our aim is to quantify these quantities and define thresholds to them, in order to obtain a combined criterion that let us increase the probability of success in identifying these transient interplanetary structures.

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