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Solar Energetic Particles (SEP) Scoreboard

Leila Mays - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, United States

Session: R20 and development of services


The Community Coordinated Modeling Center (CCMC) has been facilitating real-time forecast verification projects led by the international space weather community to test predictive capabilities before event onset. These "Scoreboards" allow a consistent real-time comparison of various operational and research forecasts. The scoreboards also enable world-wide community involvement in real-time predictions, foster community validation projects, and ultimately help researchers improve their forecasts. The SEP scoreboard captures SEP onset, duration, peak flux, probability, all-clear, and overall profile. In 2018, Johnson Space Center's Space Radiation Analysis Group has become involved in the SEP scoreboard as part of a 3-year project called ISEP. As part of this project, a variety of SEP models will become available on the SEP Scoreboard display in real-time in support of upcoming human exploration missions. Here we present the goals of the scoreboard and demo the current prototype of the interactive SEP scoreboard display. All SEP forecast modelers and experts worldwide are invited to advise or participate in this community-wide effort. (

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