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Space weather services in Argentina: Argentine Space Weather Laboratory (LAMP) activities

Vanina Lanabere - DCAO-LAMP-UBA, Argentina.; Noelia Ayelen Santos - DCAO-LAMP-UBA, Argentina; Brenda Dorsch - DCAO-LAMP-UBA, Argentina; Antonio Esteban Niemelä-Celeda - DCAO-LAMP-UBA, Argentina; Viviana López - Servicio Meteorológico Nacional, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Christian Gutiérrez - DCAO-LAMP-UBA, Argentina; Adriana Maria Gulisano - Instituto Antártico Argentino, Dirección Nacional del Antártico, Buenos Aires., Argentina; Gustavo Pittaluga - DCAO-LAMP-UBA, Argentina; Sergio Dasso - IAFE-DCAO-LAMP (UBA-CONICET)

Session: QV - R20 and development of services


As an answer to the national demand to operative Space Weather activities in Argentina, the Argentine Space Weather Laboratory (in spanish: Laboratorio Argentino de Meteorología del esPacio, LAMP) was created in 2016. One of the main activities of LAMP consists on developing prototype operative activities and on offering Space Weather services in Argentina. One of these activities consists on carry out daily monitoring real-time information about space weather conditions (space and ground-based instruments). Furthermore, since January 2020 LAMP is the Argentine regional warning center of the international consortium of space weather centers (ISES). LAMP works with a view to the continuous improvement on the monitoring of the space weather conditions. In this work we present the latest operative space weather products developed by LAMP that are offered publicly at

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