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The ESA Virtual Space Weather Modelling Centre-Part 3

Stefaan Poedts - KU Leuven, Belgium

Session: R20 and development of services


The ESA Virtual Space Weather Modelling Centre (VSWMC) project was defined as a long term project including different successive parts.  A first, limited version went operational in May 2019 under the H-ESC umbrella on the ESA SSA SWE Portal. Part 3 is the next development step before all objectives of the VSWMC are achieved. The goal of the ESA project "Virtual Space Weather Modelling Centre - Part 3" (2019-2021) is to further develop the Virtual Space Weather Modelling Centre, building on the Part 2 prototype system and focusing on the interaction with the ESA SSA SWE system. The objective and scope of this new project include, apart  from maintaining the current operational system, the efficient integration of new models and new model couplings, including daily automated end-to-end (Sun to Earth) simulations, the further development and wider use of the coupling toolkit  and front-end GUI, making the operational system more robust and user-friendly.

We will provide an overview of the state-of-the-art and demonstrate the system.

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16 July 2020

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16 July 2020

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6 September 2020

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25 September 2020

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