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Multi-viewpoint observations of CME kinematics and dynamics in the near-Sun environment

Niclas Mrotzek - Institute for Astrophysics, Germany; Volker Bothmer - Institute for Astrophysics, Germany

Session: The solar sources of space weather


CMEs are impulsive outbursts of magnetized coronal plasma. Their initiation and evolution into the heliosphere covers several orders of magnitude of temporal and spatial scales that can be observed with space-borne extreme-ultraviolet imagers, coronagraphs and heliospheric imagers. In this work we present an investigation of the early dynamics of CMEs including their kinematics, orientation and geometrical evolution. For this purpose, a set of 21 Earth-directed CMEs between July 2011 and November 2012 was selected and analysed. The CME parametrisation is obtained by applying the Graduated Cylindrical Shell model, to multi-viewpoint observations taken with the SECCHI instrument suite onboard the STEREO spacecrafts and with the LASCO coronagraphs onboard the SOHO satellite. By using these instruments, the CME dynamics including the kinematics and geometry, are covered in high detail over a spatial range starting at heights below 2 R (EUVI) and extending into the field of view of HI1 (100 R). The results reveal interactions of the CMEs with the ambient corona and solar wind by deflections of the CMEs of up to 31° in longitude and 18° in latitude within the first 30 R. Furthermore, indications for the existence of CME oscillations with periods between 29 and 93 minutes were found.

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