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Weak solar flares as sources of events in the meter radio range

Toropova Maria - Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics, Russia; Larisa Kashapova - Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics, Russia; Yulia Shamsutdinova - Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics, Russia

Session: The solar sources of space weather


Nowadays main interest to weak solar flares related to heating of the chromosphere and coronal plasma. But weak flares could also be a source of particles propagating through interplanetary space and playing a role in space weather. We compare the plasma properties of weak flares, which took place on July 20, 2016, with their relation to meter radio range burst. Selection of events was carried out using data of a new generation instrument, the Siberian Radioheliograph 4 - 8 GHz (SRH), allowing the study of solar flares of classes C and B (according to the GOES classification). We got information about flare plasma parameters (temperature, emission measure and spectral index) using microwave and X-ray data and analyse which of the flares related with radio burst in meter range using composite spectrum ( WIND/WAVES, AMATERAS and ORFEES).

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