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The Argentine Space Weather Laboratory (LAMP) in Antarctica

Sergio Dasso - IAFE-DCAO-LAMP (UBA-CONICET); María Adriana Gulisano - IAA-DF-LAMP (DNA), Argentina; Omar Areso - IAFE (UBA-CONICET), Argentina; Matías Pereira - IAFE (UBA-CONICET), Argentina; Noelia Santos - DCAO-LAMP (UBA-CONICET), Argentina

Session: Space Weather Instrumentation


In 2019, a new Space Weather laboratory was deployed at the argentine Marambio base, in the antarctic peninsula at a geographical latitude of 64ºS, a longitude of 56ºW, and an altitude of 200 m above see level. The inside of the building is thermally controlled, between 22-24 Celsius degrees. It contains a telemetry system to transmit 5 minutes real time data to our servers in Buenos Aires, a GPS system to make the stamp time of the records, a meteorological station, a magnetometer and a cosmic rays detector. This system is continuously operating from March 2019.

This Antarctic laboratory is part of the LAMP group (Laboratorio Argentino de Meteorología del esPacio). LAMP was created in 2016, and since January 2020 LAMP is the Argentine regional warning center of the international consortium of space weather centers (ISES). Our objective is to present the state of the art and challenges of this Antarctic Space Weather laboratory of LAMP.

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16 July 2020

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6 September 2020

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