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International Space Weather Action Team H2 Cluster: CME structure, evolution and propagation through heliosphere

Manuela Temmer - Institute of Physics, University of Graz; Maria Kuznetsova - NASA, United States; Mario Bisi - UKRI STFC RAL Space, United Kingdom; Martin Reiss - IWF Graz, Austria; Christine Verbeke - KU Leuven, Belgium; Christina Kay - NASA, United States; Leila Mays - NASA, United States

Session: Interplanetary CMEs and Solar Particle Events


Coronal mass ejections (CMEs) are energetically the most powerful phenomena in the solar system. Most of the times related to solar flare emissions, CMEs consist of magnetic field and plasma that is impulsively ejected into interplanetary space. To make progress in improving current state-of-the-art CME propagation models, validation and scientific peer-review qualification is needed. iSWAT is an international, community driven effort and provides the required platform to challenge current models and to exchange our experience with peers in order to improve our work. We give an overview on the available teams in the H2 cluster and their aims for the H2 cluster.

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