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The distribution function of the average iron charge state at 1 AU: from a bimodal wind to ICME identification

Carlos Larrodera - Universidad de Alcala; Consuelo Cid - Universidad de Alcalá, Spain

Session: Interplanetary CMEs and Solar Particle Events


In this work we study the distribution function of the average iron charge state from the solar wind at 1 AU to check if it corresponds to a bimodal wind. We use data from the SWICS/ACE instrument along 20 years. The analysis is made using the data set as a whole or split in yearly data sets. We propose the bi-Gaussian function as the probability distribution function that fits the charge state distribution. We study the evolution of the parameters from the bi-Gaussian fitting with the solar cycle using the sunspot number as a proxy of the solar activity. The previous work allow us to identify a threshold for the average iron charge state above which we can find new ICMEs that are not listed in the existing catalogs.

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