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Outer Van Allen belt trapped and precipitating electron flux response to coronal mass ejections. 

Harriet George - University of Helsinki; Emilia Kilpua - University of Helsinki, Finland; Adnane Osmane - University of Helsinki, Finland; Timo Asikainen - University of Oulu, Finland; Milla M. H. Kalliokoski - University of Helsinki, Finland; Craig J. Rodger - University of Otago, New Zealand; Stepan Dubyagin - Finnish Meteorological Institute, Finland; Minna Palmroth - University of Helsinki, Finland 

Session: QV - Earth's Magnetosphere and Radiation Belts


Outer Van Allen belt trapped and precipitating electron flux response to coronal mass ejections. Interplanetary coronal mass ejections (ICMEs) can dramatically affect electrons in the outer radiation belt, altering the energy flux and location of the electron populations. Electron flux within the outer radiation belt and precipitation into the upper atmosphere during ICMEs is not yet fully understood due to this highly complex response. We analyse the electron response to two ICMEs with leading shocks and sheaths, followed by magnetic flux ropes in the ejecta. The magnetic field in these flux ropes have opposite rotations in each event, with south to north rotation during the first event and north to south rotation during the other event. We study the fluxes of trapped and precipitating electron populations in the context of the solar wind conditions, ICME structure, and magnetospheric wave activity. In both events, we observe enhanced precipitation at mid-latitudes during the southward portion of the ejecta, with greater enhancements taking place in lower energy electron populations. By contrast, flux of outer radiation belt electron populations differs significantly between the two ICMEs, highlighting the complexity of the electron flux response to these space weather events.

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