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Geoeffectiveness of 14-15 July 2012 storm and its indicators in Polish transmission lines 

Agnieszka Gil - CBK PAN & Siedlce University, Poland; Renata Modzelewska - Siedlce University, Poland; Szczepan Moskwa - AGH, Poland; Mariusz Pozoga - CBK PAN, Poland; Agnieszka Siluszyk - Siedlce University, Poland; Marek Siluszyk - Siedlce University, Poland; Lukasz Tomasik - CBK PAN, Poland; Anna Wawrzaszek - CBK PAN, Poland; Anna Wawrzynczak - Siedlce University, Poland 

Session: QV - Ground-Level Geomagnetically Induced Currents


During Solar Cycle 24 the Sun was calm, and there were not many spectacular geoeffective events. We analyze the geomagnetic storm that happened on 15.07.2012 during the 602 anniversary of the famous Polish Battle of Grunwald, thus we propose this event to be called the "Battle of Grunwald Day Storm". According to NOAA scale, it was a G3 geomagnetic storm with a southward component of the HMF, Bz, falling to -20nT and minimum Dst index -139nT. It was preceded by a solar flare class X1.4 on 12.07. This geomagnetic storm was associated with the fast halo coronal mass ejection at 16:48:05UT on 12.07, first appearance in the LASCO C2 coronagraph, with a plane-of-sky speed 885km/s. This geomagnetic storm was classified as the fourth strongest geomagnetic storm of Solar Cycle 24. At that time, the computed geoelectric field reached its maximal values and a significant growth in the failures of Polish electric transmission lines was observed, which could have a solar origin.

Analysis of each individual geoeffective event in the framework of transmission lines failures can be a clue in revealing a collective characteristic of the state of the near heliosphere, geomagnetosphere, as the important contributor to number of failures increase.

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