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Magnetospheric dynamics and M-I coupling during the 8 September 2017 Geomagnetic Storm 

Jonathan Eastwood - Imperial College London, United Kingdom; Joseph Eggington - Imperial College London, United Kingdom; Ciaran Beggan - British Geological Survey, United Kingdom; Mark Clilverd - British Antarctic Survey, United Kingdom; David Jackson - UK Met Office, United Kingdom; Alan Thomson - British Geological Survey, United Kingdom 

Session: QV - Ground-Level Geomagnetically Induced Currents


Within the portfolio of risks attached to severe space weather, the impacts of ground-level geomagnetically induced currents are of key importance because of their role in disrupting infrastructure such as power distribution networks, gas pipelines and rail networks. Consequently, nowcasting and forecasting of such impacts is a priority for space weather service providers. One approach is to make use of physics-based models, and in particular global magnetospheric modeling to capture the dynamics of the coupled solar wind – magnetosphere – ionosphere system. These models can then be used to provide input into GIC now-casts and forecasts. In this contribution we describe recent developments in the Gorgon magnetospheric model in the area of GIC forecasting, and present a simulation of the 8 September 2017 storm, which provides a useful opportunity for benchmarking as well as for better understanding the nature of a relatively severe event which was well observed both in space and on the ground. We compare the output of Gorgon to magnetospheric spacecraft observations, and examine the ionospheric and ground response, and place this in the context of new R20 activities with the UK Met Office.

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