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ESA SSA Space Weather Network - Services for Power Grid and Pipeline Operations

Cristiana Dumitrache - Astronomical Institute of Romanian Academy; Diana Ionescu-Besliu - Astronomical Institute of Romanian Academy, Romania; Octavian Blagoi - Astronomical Institute of Romanian Academy, Romania; Cristian Danescu - Astronomical Institute of Romanian Academy, Romania; Liliana Dumitru - Astronomical Institute of Romanian Academy, Romania; Nedelia A. Popescu - Astronomical Institute of Romanian Academy, Romania; Oana Stere - Astronomical Institute of Romanian Academy, Romania

Session: Ground-Level Geomagnetically Induced Currents


Space Weather can affect ground-based, electrically conducting infrastructures such as power transmission systems, pipelines and railways. Variations of magnetospheric and ionospheric currents induced by solar wind fluctuations give rise to geomagnetic disturbances at the Earth’s surface. These geomagnetic variations are accompanied by geoelectric fields that drive currents within the Earth, also known as Geomagnetically Induced Currents (GIC). The rapid variations of the geomagnetic field (dB⁄dt) that produce GIC can disturb the normal operation of technological systems like electric power systems, oil and gas pipelines, telecommunications cables and interfere with railway signalling systems.

In this presentation we highlight the ESA SSA Space Weather Services tailored to Power Grid and Pipeline system operators that are implemented through a combination of products, tools and alerts. We aim to give an overview of the main products/tools such as Geomagnetically Induced Currents for Power Grid and for Pipeline systems, nowcasts and forecasts of geomagnetic conditions, information on heliospheric data that can influence the Earth’s magnetic field and geomagnetic storm onset alerts.

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