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ESA SSA Space Weather Service Network – Services for Transionospheric Radio Link Users

Octavian Blagoi - Astronomical Institute of Romanian Academy; Cristiana Dumitrache - Astronomical Institute of Romanian Academy, Romania; Diana Besliu-Ionescu - Astronomical Institute of Romanian Academy, Romania; Cristian Danescu - Astronomical Institute of Romanian Academy, Romania; Oana Stere - Astronomical Institute of Romanian Academy, Romania; Nedelia Popescu - Astronomical Institute of Romanian Academy, Romania; Liliana Dumitru - Astronomical Institute of Romanian Academy, Romania

Session: Thermosphere-Ionosphere Interactions and Effects


The ionospheric layers arise as a result of high-energy solar UV and X-ray radiation and their interaction with the Earth’s upper atmosphere. Space Weather effects can lead to ionospheric disturbances, such as scintillation, and other phenomena that can influence signal propagation between ground- and space- based systems. The dependence on much of our technological infrastructure on satellite-based communications or GNSS highlights the need for coherent systems to address the vulnerability of these systems. We will present these services provided by the ESA SSA Space Weather Service Network that provide data measurements and forecasts of TEC maps, applications to GNSS corrections, scintillation maps, other ionospheric activity parameters and disturbances that impact the transionospheric radio transmissions.

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