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Ionospheric data assimilation of regional ground and space based GNSS observations into NeQuick model 

Pasumarthi Babu Sree Harsha - K L University; Devanaboyina Venkata Ratnam - K L University, India; Kondaveeti Siva Krishna - K L University, India; Kakumanu Sirilakshatha - K L University, India 

Session: Thermosphere-Ionosphere Interactions and Effects


Ionospheric data assimilation became eminent in providing optimal electron density, TEC estimates through proper ingestion of ionospheric variables into the background model. Here, we present an Unscented Kalman filter-based data assimilation methodology in regional scale for Indian region. The idea is to assimilate ground based GNSS observations from GPS Aided GEO-Augmented Navigation (GAGAN) network and space based COSMIC mission observations into NeQuick model. The model is tested for September (Equinox) and December (Solstice) days of the year 2016. The model results are quantified with four IGS stations to observe model accuracy. The northern crest of Equatorial Ionization Anomaly (EIA) over Indian region is clearly characterized by the assimilated model.  The statistical parameter namely root mean square error is between 2 to 5 TECU between truth data and assimilated model signifies model efficiency. The proposed assimilated model results greatly help in understanding low-latitude ionospheric effects during geomagnetic storm conditions. Estimated forecast score and forecast skill numbers are appreciable to explain the proposed model forecast reliability.

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