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Quick Views (QVs)

Quick Views (QVs) are an exciting new way of showcasing your research on the ESWS2020 website and engaging in discussion with your fellow space-weather specialists.  For the lucky few, there is even an opportunity to briefly discuss your work during the ESWS live sessions.

Uploading of Presentations

All Quick View lead authors should have received an invitation to upload their presentation to the ESWS2020 website (if you haven't received your invitation, please email  From Monday 19th October, all those registered to ESWS2020 will be able to log in and view the Quick View presentations. Access to all the recordings and Quick Views will be open to all shortly after the end of ESWS2020, but definitely by the end of November 2020.

Quick View Format

As a minimum, you can upload your presentation as a one page PDF (in other words, similar to a poster at a traditional face-to-face meeting).  But you can do better than that!  Approaches designed to maximise the impact of your Quick View and stimulate online discussion of your Quick View are highly encouraged (the latter may in turn improve your chances answering questions on your work during ESWS2020 live sessions – see more below).  A PowerPoint slide show with your own narration supplied is one way in which you can make your Quick View presentation more impactful, but other approaches are welcomed (please contact the OOC if you are unsure whether your presentation methodology can be supported by the ESWS2020 website – but as a minimum, we can take PDF, ppt/pptx, ppt/pptx+graphic files (e.g. JPEG, EPS, GIF, PNG, etc…), MP3 and MP4 are also suggested (such as making your own audio/movie/animation) – please contact the OOC at: if you want to try to use any other format).  If using this or any other audio-visual approach, please ensure that your presentation does not exceed 10 minutes in duration.

The Discussion

Associated with each uploaded Quick View is an online text-based social stream (Q&A/discussion) which is open to all ESWS2020 registered attendees.  Based on the volume and interest of these discussions, the PC members (and associated convenors) in charge of the organisation of your session will select some Quick Views for brief discussion during the ESWS live sessions.  This will entail up to ~three Quick Views being selected for a brief live Q&A at the allocated time for each session.  The online discussion activity for each Quick View will be reviewed two working days ahead of each of the sessions.  Authors should note that they may only receive notification that their Quick View has been chosen on the evening before (UK time).  The aim here is not to present work, but to have freeform/open discussion and Q&A on the work within each Quick View chosen following a 30-second elevator pitch of their Quick View.  The PC members running each day will be responsible for facilitating this part of the agenda and will strictly adhere to the timings as already laid out.

The schedule of Quick Views and the online discussion/Q&A is laid out below.  This timetable will also be strictly adhered to.  We strongly encourage uploads to be done as soon as possible and not left until the final deadline.

Important Dates (Quick Views Timetable)

  • Monday 28th September 2020: The OOC will contact the Quick View presenters with a link where they can upload their Quick View presentation to the ESWS2020 website listing the pertinent deadlines.
  • Thursday 1st October 2020: The Quick Views open for upload into the ESWS2020 website.
  • Sunday 11th October 2020 22:59UT: Deadline for uploading Quick Views to the ESWS2020 website.
  • Monday 19th October 2020: Start of Q&A online text-based discussion of uploaded Quick View presentations which will give all registrants the opportunity to ask questions and/or make comments on the Quick View work being hosted online.
  • Lunchtime two working days before each day (e.g. Thursday for Monday, Friday for Tuesday, etc…): PC members (in conjunction with session convenors) choose selected Quick Views for Q&A presentation at ESWS2020 live.
  • 02-06 November 2020: Live Quick View Q&A sessions during ESWS2020 as per the updated programme online.

Approaching deadlines:

Registration opens:

16 July 2020

Abstract submission opens:

16 July 2020

European Space Weather Medals:

6 September 2020

Registration deadline:

25 September 2020

Registration deadline: [extended]

10 October 2020

Abstract submission deadline:

4 September 2020