Winners announced for the Space Weather Competition. Visit for details.


We will be hosting Space and Space Weather related Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) online resources on our website as part of our OOC outreach activities for ESWS2020.  We therefore invite all members of the community, our partners and collaborators to submit any STEM content they would like to be embedded here.

Space Weather Competition

Can you paint the Northern Lights? Or write a short story about what happens in a solar storm? Space weather events like these can affect our everyday lives, from interrupting our TV signals to creating beautiful views in the sky. We’d like to help more people learn about space weather and why it’s important, so we’re inviting teams of young people to get creative and make some space weather artwork and stories!

The competition is open to all young people across the UK in two age categories: 7-10 and 11-15 year olds. There are resources freely available to find out more about space weather topics and the wide variety of related careers. For more information click here

Approaching deadlines:

Registration opens:

16 July 2020

Abstract submission opens:

16 July 2020

European Space Weather Medals:

6 September 2020

Registration deadline:

25 September 2020

Registration deadline: [extended]

10 October 2020

Abstract submission deadline:

4 September 2020