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Day 1 - Themes

Solar Sources of Space Weather: This session shall focus on recent research into the solar sources of space weather, including the evolution of active regions and research to better understand and predict solar flares. Observational, theoretical, and modelling studies are all welcomed.

Space Weather Instrumentation: This session shall focus on all issues (e.g. hardware, software, operations) relating to space weather instruments. These instruments can be in operation or can be under development or merely conceptual. Presentations on emerging requirements for space-weather data and on the application of new radio instruments such as LOFAR, Parker Solar Probe and Solar Orbiter to space weather are particularly welcomed.

Approaching deadlines:

Registration opens:

16 July 2020

Abstract submission opens:

16 July 2020

European Space Weather Medals:

6 September 2020

Registration deadline:

25 September 2020

Registration deadline: [extended]

10 October 2020

Abstract submission deadline:

4 September 2020