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Day 2 - Themes

Interplanetary CMEs & Solar Particle Events: Interplanetary CMEs and their associated shock waves are the main drivers of geomagnetic storms, while CMEs can drive shock waves which may lead to significant solar particle events (SPEs). This session shall focus on all relevant research related to CMEs and SPEs, including data-driven modelling and observational studies.

Earth’s Magnetosphere & Radiation Belts: This session shall focus on all aspects of magnetosphere and radiation belt research, including observational analysis and modelling developments. Developments  which are being, or can be, adopted for operational forecast use are of particular interest.

Approaching deadlines:

Registration opens:

16 July 2020

Abstract submission opens:

16 July 2020

European Space Weather Medals:

6 September 2020

Registration deadline:

25 September 2020

Registration deadline: [extended]

10 October 2020

Abstract submission deadline:

4 September 2020