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Day 3 - Themes

Ground-Level Geomagnetically Induced Currents: The aim of this session is to discuss recent advances in understanding GICs and their impact on power grids and other infrastructure such as railways and gas pipelines. We also solicit contributions that demonstrate better nowcasting and forecasting of space weather impacts on ground-based systems.

Spacecraft and Human Space Flight (HSF) Operations:  This session encourages contributions on all aspects of space weather impacts on spacecraft operations, with a particular focus  on the effect of space weather on the emerging Mega-Constellations of small satellites (e.g  Spire, OneWeb, Starlink), and on advances in the assessment and forecast of space weather for various human missions to Mars, and  for orbital and planned lunar stations.

Approaching deadlines:

Registration opens:

16 July 2020

Abstract submission opens:

16 July 2020

European Space Weather Medals:

6 September 2020

Registration deadline:

25 September 2020

Registration deadline: [extended]

10 October 2020

Abstract submission deadline:

4 September 2020