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Joining instructions

Please read this page in its entirety since this provides just about everything you need to know for taking part in ESWS2020.  

The Zoom links for the live sessions and the social programme can be found in your joining instructions email.

In addition, we will be running breakout (freeform) discussions at the end of each virtual day – for these you will need to log back into the registration site here, click on the edit button, and choose which of the discussion sessions you wish to be put into each day (you will need to scroll down to the end of the page). Please make sure you complete the registration, ideally before the start of ESWS2020, as otherwise your selection(s) may not be registered. You only need to log back into your booking once unless you wish to change your selection!  

For reference, you will always use this personal link to log into the ESWS2020 registration system which will then give access to everything else as described herein:

We look forward to seeing you virtually very soon!

Best wishes,

Mario Bisi (ESWS2020 PC Chair and OOC Vice Chair)
Barbara-Ann Curran (ESWS2020 OOC Chair)
Claire Garland (ESWS2020 OOC Vice Chair)
On behalf of the ESWS2020 Programme Committee (PC) and ESWS2020 Online Organising Committee (OOC)

(see: for full details).

Quick Views

The Quick Views are open for online comments/discussion and can be accessed via the programme and Quick View pages on the website. As Quick Views will only initially be available to registered participants after the event.

Please note that if you do not enter the above password, you will not be able to access the Quick Views until later in November 2020 when they will all be made openly available along with the recordings of the live sessions (see below).  For the Quick Views to be as successful as possible, it really relies on everyone who will be participating in the meeting, to take some time during these two weeks before ESWS2020 live sessions commence, to review QVs and comment and ask questions.  This is especially important for the programme organisers to be able to make their selections of the live Q&A of some Quick Views during the pertinent discussion sessions set out in the online programme. Please note that the participant who engages most with Quick Views, asking questions and commenting will win a free registration to ESWW2021 in Glasgow (sponsored by the Met Office). So take a look and get chatting!

Demo sessions (12:30UT-13:30UT Monday to Friday 26th to 30th October 2020)

We will be providing some rolling Zoom demos during this week, courtesy of the IOP.  These will last for ~5-10 minutes each time, and to access you will just need to join with the following Zoom link:

Please ensure you have downloaded the Zoom app or have tested Zoom in your web browser beforehand if you have never used Zoom on that device before.  You can test your requirements for needing to download the Zoom app or enable it in the web browser prior to the demo sessions here:

Where at all possible, we strongly encourage participants to use the Zoom app rather than accessing through a web browser since this provides the full Zoom experience. A table displaying the various levels of accessibility available through each access option is available here.

ESWS2020 Live Sessions (2nd to 6th November 2020)

As a reminder, all the live oral sessions (not the social or breakout discussions) will be recorded and our aim is to make them publicly available on the website the same evening.

Zoom links for ESWS2020 and Zoom etiquette

Please note that these are the two master Zoom links for all the live oral and social/ice-breaker sessions during ESWS2020 – the URL has the password encoded in each case.  However, in the event that you have local connectivity problems or the link has been security disabled/removed, we have also provided the full conference ID and password for you to be able to access directly from the Zoom App or the website. If you are unable to join via the App or computer, you can join via an audio line (landline/mobile/cell/VOIP).  Local dial-in numbers are provided through the link given below, which can be copied and pasted into your browser.

Live Oral Sessions link – see joining instructions email

Social/Ice-Breaker Sessions link – see joining instructions email

If you cannot connect via “Computer Audio” from within Zoom, then you can find your local dial-in number (for up to 90 countries) here: - see joining instructions email

Please adhere to the following Zoom etiquette to enable us all to have a very successful and enjoyable meeting.  

  • Please input your full name and organisation (abbreviated as necessary) to fit within the 64 characters allowed in Zoom (and if you wish, your preferred pronoun) as your profile name – since we will be relying on this information to give participants access to the meeting. 
  • All participants are allowed to share their camera. 
  • In each session there will be OOC members who will be online to help with any technical questions. If you have any technical questions, please use the private chat to contact them. They will have the suffix OOC following their name (NAME : OOC)
  • Please keep your audio muted unless you are presenting or invited to speak – if you fail to do so the OOC reserves the right to mute you.
  • If you are Chairing or presenting please ensure you are UNMUTED before you begin your presentation.
  • Since the meeting is online, please use the Reaction button in zoom to applaud or like the talk. This shows up as a reaction overlayed on your video.
  • To ask a question, please write in the chat or wait until the end of the talk and virtually raise your hand (time permitting and at the discretion of the session chairs).  If selected to ask a live question, please unmute yourself when asked to do so by the conference chair. Once you have finished asking your question, please mute your sound. In addition, if you see questions in the chat which you feel able to respond to/wish to comment, please feel free to go ahead. As with the Quick Views we want this meeting to be as interactive as possible. 
  • We hope it would never to come to this, but the organisers reserve the right to dismiss anyone who is disrupting the meeting. Please be reminded that the sessions are being recorded in their entirety and our aim is to make them publicly available on the website after close of each day. 
Social Media

Please can you engage with the social media aspects of the meeting by using the hashtag:


as well as tagging the meeting Twitter handle (when using Twitter):


Please feel free to like and retweet the conference and other participants’ tweets as you see fit. Please be respectful when posting messages on Twitter and of other people's tweets and comments!

STEM Competition

As part of ESWS2020 and our public engagement programmes in the UK, we have put together a competition for school children to learn more about space weather.  The competition is run in two age categories (linked to the UK National Curriculum ages): 7-10, and 11-15 year olds.  We have already undertaken some live Q&A sessions with the older category of children and would be happy to facilitate more sessions if required.

The competition details can be found here:

ESWS2020 Programme

Note that these are being updated as the social programme develops as well as the space-weather forecast timings being adjusted as necessary.  Therefore, please ensure you check these links regularly in the weeks coming up to the live sessions so you are kept up to date with the final developments.

Live Presenters

Very important information for those with live oral presentations.  Please refer to the following guidance notes to ensure the smooth running of the programme:

  • As a fail-safe option, please share a copy of your presentation with the OOC.  Presenters will be expected to screen share their own slides, however, should any presenter have any technical issues arising from bandwidth or internet speed, the OOC can share the slides on your behalf. 
  • Please send your presentation file at least 2 working days prior to the date you are scheduled to speak to  In order to assist the OOC, we would be grateful if you could include within the email the date and time you are speaking.  
  • Join the meeting at the start of the session in which you are speaking. 
  • Please ensure that you keep within your allocated time slot as timings will be strictly enforced by the session chair.  We will give you a 2 minute audible warning before your time ends, from that point you must move to wrap up of your presentation. A different audio warning will be sounded at the end of your time slot.
  • We do not want overruns to impact other presenters and so, if you do overrun, the organisers reserve the right to mute presenters.  Therefore, we STRESS please adhere to your allocated time.
Information for the ESWS2020 PC Members and Live Sessions’ Chairs
  • The role of the PC Member is to introduce the day with an overview of the agenda and close each session with an overview of the coming day.  They will also introduce the Live Space Weather Forecasts.
  • The role of the designated Session Chair is to introduce each presenter and to facilitate the Q&A session at the end of each talk or in the discussion session after all the presentations are complete (see each day’s programme for session structure).
  • Each day will have a backup Session Chair and this person should be ready to take over should the designated Session Chair experience any technical issues. 
  • All PC Members and Session Chairs should be in the meeting 15 minutes prior to the day/session starts.
  • The OOC will provide opening and closing slides for each session - any house-keeping notes will be added to the slides in advance of the session.
  • The OOC will alert speakers when they have 2 minutes remaining for their talk and when their time is up using audible warnings - we reserve the right to mute speakers if they exceed their allocated time slot. 
  • Attendees will be able to ask questions during the talk via the chat window.  Please keep questions until the end of the presentation or the allocated discussion time – depending on the day’s structure – see programme for further details). 
  • At the end of the talk, attendees can be invited to virtually raise their hand if they wish to ask a question verbally, however, participants are encouraged to add their questions to the Zoom chat to aid the interactive experience with other participants. The session chairs may ask one or more of these written questions (time allowing) rather than going for a live question.  If you are inviting a participant to ask their question verbally, please read out the participants name and ask them to unmute themselves. The OOC organising team will be on-hand to provide support and can help unmute anyone who has any difficulty. 
  • Please can we encourage every Session Chair to prepare questions in advance so that if you observe that there are not many questions appearing in the chat during the talk, please add some questions of your own, either in the chat window during the talk, or by unmuting your mic and asking the speaker directly during the Q&A session (again, time allowing). 

Have a fantastic online European Space Weather Symposium 2020 – hopefully the first of many!

Best wishes - The OOC team. 


Approaching deadlines:

Registration opens:

16 July 2020

Abstract submission opens:

16 July 2020

European Space Weather Medals:

6 September 2020

Registration deadline:

25 September 2020

Registration deadline: [extended]

10 October 2020

Abstract submission deadline:

4 September 2020